I simply don’t say things I don’t do, and people know that about me; I’ll always work towards finding common ground and the best possible solutions


My role is to push the council forward to think and act creatively, tackling issues and grabbing opportunities that are too often missed; I always try to maintain a balanced focus on the big picture – what the point is – what we’re trying to do for Downers Grove


I worked to stop hard-impact development from creeping out of the central business district into the surrounding historic residential neighborhoods while also protecting the character of our downtown

Caring for Downers Grove

The Hometown We Love

Over eight years ago, I started a conversation with my neighbors. Not just about village government, but about the people who live here, how unique our town is, and what we can all do together to keep Downers Grove the special place it is. We also talked about coming together to tackle our common challenges, and to keep our town growing in ways that make living or working here better for everybody.

I am so grateful for the trust you have shown in me. I couldn’t have done all the work I have on the Village Council without you. I know Downers Grove is better for it.

Over the years I have walked every street in town, knocking on doors, and talking to everyone I could about what’s important to them, and what the village can do to help. Your support, ideas, input, and occasional challenges have helped me grow as a village commissioner and, in turn, helped our town.

I hope you will rehire me so we can continue working together.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this Website. Please use the form on the contact page if you need anything. I hope we get a chance to meet in person if we haven’t already. I’ll be out every day I can up until our election on April 6. If you’d like, I’ll make sure to stop by.